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Chens Enterprises Corporation is a strong bridge connecting the main stream products and ethnic markets. INTEGRITY is our fundamental principle of cooperation and ALL WIN is the ultimate result we are striving for at all time. There are over 40 North American or World Renowned Enterprises, hundreds of main stream major brands have established partnership with Chens. We have successfully introduced mainstream brands and products into ethnic markets as a distributor.

There are thousands of new immigrants come to Canada every year. Along with these immigrants, it helps to establish fast growth and high demand in ethnic supermarkets. Mainstream community loves different kinds of exotic delicacy, same with the ethnic minorities which enjoy the mainstream products too. Most customers would like to do one stop shopping in their favorite supermarkets. However, they found it hard to do so, since there were little main stream products they could find in those ethnic supermarkets. This is why we are here.

Because of our background in successfully owned and managed ethnic and conventional supermarkets. We are familiar with the main stream products; we also know what our customers want. Equally important, the supermarkets buyers and our sales representatives speak the same language. With the advantages mentioned above, we excel in building great partnership with suppliers and clients.


Business Consultant
Helping our customers/new immigrants to achieve their goals with our unique approaches:

  • Refine customers’ thoughts 
  • Look for ideal location
  • Protect customers by introducing experienced, reputable lawyer, accountant for all their legal, accounting needs 
  • For the best interests of customers, suggest the effective way to negotiate with the landlord 
  • Introduce suppliers for fixtures, equipments and chattels 
  • An experienced team of interior designers, architects, engineers, electricians, air condition and refrigerator technicians, plumbers, marketing experts are standby for our customers’ needs at all time 
  • Introduce relevant food suppliers to customers, including Ethnic products etc. 
  • Improve management concepts with more cost-effective operation








1. 完善顾客的想法
2. 介绍经验丰富的地产经纪给顾客,帮助顾客找到理想的地点
3. 介绍经验丰富的律师给顾客,帮助顾客完成法律文件。
4. 根据顾客的想法,协助顾客跟房东的谈判。为顾客争取到最大的利益。
5. 介绍生财器具的供应商给顾客。
6. 介绍室内装修设计师,建筑设计师,工程师,电工,冷气工,装修工,水工, 市场推广等专业人员给顾客。
7. 介绍相应的中西货批发商给顾客。
8. 帮助顾客完善他们的管理理念。争取做到最低的经营成本。



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